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Four Sides

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Clapham Services


Available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning



Musculoskeletal services for all injury types; including sports people, dancers, and musicians. Your appointment will consist of a thorough assessment, and an individualised treatment & rehabilitation plan. 


Clinical Reformer Pilates

Private 1:1 & Group 4:1 classes

Clinical Pilates is run by the physiotherapist, utilising the reformer equipment. An excellent form of exercise for all fitness levels, to improve balance, strength, and bone density.


Voice & Jaw Physiotherapy

Specialist clinic for patients experiencing symptoms of TMD and jaw related disorders; and voice dysfunctions, such as muscle tension dysphonia, spasmotic dysphonia, globus pharangeus, swallow disorders, gender related voice concerns. 

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Exercise with an injury, under the expert guidance of a physiotherapist who will tailor a programme to suit your strength and conditioning goals, ensuring your injury remains protected.

Strength & Conditioning

Private 1:1 & Group 4:1 classes

Strength and conditioning classes under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Perfect to achieve your strength and conditioning goals, reducing injury risk.


Video Consultations

Physiotherapy assessment and treatment solutions, and exercise services where and when you need, if getting into the clinic does not fit your schedule.

Quick Clapham FAQs

For more information, please head to the Four Sides website.

Do I need a referral to see you?

A referral is not required for private physio services in the UK. 

I have insurance, can I use that at Four Sides?

We see all patients and can bill BUPA directly. However, in the current climate of health insurance, we no longer bill directly to insurers. You will be required to pay, and you can send your receipt to your insurer for reimbursement of a proportion of the fee.

Can I jump straight into a group class?

Even if you have done pilates before, we require all patients to have an assessment/ 1:1 initial appointment, so we can establish goals for you and tailor our classes to those attending. This is particularly important if you are recovering from injury, so we can ensure you are exercising safely.

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